Waffle on Zoom


I am hosting Arty Waffle Sunday Evenings on Zoom.
How is a painting created?
The first one was a whistle stop tour through my work, and the second one focussed on my early performance work, and the next one will be about my current work and where I find my inspiration to paint . . . . If you would like to be included in this next event, this Sunday at 8pm (UTC+1)please email me to request link details and become a subscriber to my newsletter more...

Do I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings?


panti 2

The Caged Bird Sings: Panti Bliss is joined by artists who have found freedom in their art and work. Mary Duffy, Steo Wall, Caleb Kunle and Dr Sindy Joyce. more...

Calendar 2020 Sold Out


Calendar 2020 sold out
Calendar 2020 sold out

Why I Definitely Won't Be Listening to This Podcast


I have listened to Rebecca Crowell's podcasts for a while now. They come from her Messy Studio.. I love them. The variety of subjects is great. I particularly liked the discussions on abstraction and Rebecca's own journey to pure abstraction.
I won't be listening to this week's podcast because . . more...

Results of Consultation on Calendar 2020 Cover


Calendar 2020


24 month calendar currently in production and ready to ship soon.
Order now more...

Artists" Talk at The Mermaid


"a word of gratitude to yourself and Donald for last night's uplifting and most enjoyable 'talks with paintings' .. more...

The Goosefield - An Exhibition of Paintings at The Signal Arts Centre, bray, Co Wicklow.


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Dathanna - a 60 second documentary made recently bv TickTock Films.


This is a very sweet, very short little movie by two young people. Please give it the thumbs up if you like it as much as I do. more...

New 24 Month Calendar (until Dec 2017.. Sold Out


What you thought of my website changes


I asked and you answered...In November of 2014, I undertook a serious overhaul of my website. It was a daunting task. more...

Artist Wins Top Prizes at International Arts Festival 2014


Artist Wins Top Prizes at International Arts Festival more...

A Thousand Days at Tinakilly Country House Hotel


The sun shone, hundreds of people came, cars were double parked up and down the wide avenue - it was a glorious day and everyone was really happy. more...

Bray People 19 March 2008


Business was brisk more...

Three months with Fur the Film in Manhattan...


I was cast in the movie 'Fur' about the life of Diane Arbus. The movie featured Nicole Kidman and Robert Downey Jr. more...

Showreel for Fur


My showreel for Fur the movie, sent to Stephen Shainberg, November 2004 more...